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RAY: Got anything to say for yourself? Not , huh?

MOTHER: Can't you ? What's the matter with you anyhow?

FATHER: He's just , honey.

MOTHER: I was talking Jim.

FATHER: Well I’d like to just explain, you see, we just here, y'understand? And the kid hasn’t got any yet and …

JIM: You wanna tell him why we moved here.

FATHER: Will you , Jim.

JIM: You can't protect me.

FATHER: You mind if I try? You have to the door in my face? I try to get to him, what happens? Don't I everything you want? A bicycle, you get a bicycle. A car.

JIM: You buy me many things. Thank you.

FATHER: Not just buy! We give you love and , don't we? Well then what is it? Was it because we went to that ? Well you know what kind of brawls those kind of parties turn into, it's not a place for .

MOTHER: A minute ago you said you didn't if he drinks.

GRANDMA: He said a drink.

JIM: You're me apart!


JIM: You. You say one thing, he says another and everybody back again

MOTHER: That's a fine way to !

GRANDMA: Well you know who he takes !