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Another Wednesday evening, another jaunt past Rebbibia. Where I been a student, who lives from here, for about two months.
I find this area really interesting; beautiful, it’s an area, a bit of a no man’s land.
You walk out of a built-up , past some barbed-wire, and then there are these long stretches of , that are invariably .
There’s a beautiful at the minute. It’s . People are probably looking me strangely, because I am standing at a , holding a selfie-stick, making a video.
But I have been past here, as I said, for some weeks, and every time it me as a strange and beautiful area of Rome.
I respond in different ways to different .
Some people love the areas of Rome, like the Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, but me, I think I have a soft in my heart for Rebbibia.