Gap-fill exercise

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Part 1
Will you into coalition Mr Di Maio?
There are media and then there are media scrums.
It was a rude awakening for the 5 star
This is what its leader today.
He said he had the right to .

Part 2
… that many opted for the anti-establishment, populist movements which were the of the election.
It’s an area of high unemployment.
…there’s been over the large number of immigrants in recent .

Part 3
… both populist and euro-
Salvini sees himself as a possible Minister
There was always an option of having a parliamentary majority …
We really do not what kind of parliamentary majority we are going to have.
The big loser was the left and the Democratic Party …
Renzi has announced he will after a new government is formed.
With the current political chaos he could in the for some time.