Watch and listen to complete the text, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Came down to some football - one of my kids playing Cinecittà, and as I past I saw this huge scaffolding structure.
And it was all green, and I was "What is that? What is that?"
And then I of course, it's actually a green screen.
So when they're making those movies and they need to a backdrop, which is not they use a green screen.
Now I'm to a green screen that is about two metres by three metres. Let me try and get some of the green screen that's here at Cinecittà.
What you can behind me, now that definately is a green screen.
Action advfenture like Thor, maybe some of the James Bond, anything with those scenes - Bladerunner - anything where you have to create an world, is done with a green screen.
But I've never seen one quite this . That's pretty impressive.
That's it from this morning, Cinecittà and the green screen.
Oh, by the way ... er ... we the football.